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Fresno County


About DBH
The Department of Behavioral Health provides mental health and substance abuse services to adults within the County of Fresno. The programs within our department focus on delivering the highest quality of service. There are over 300 professionals and staff dedicated to providing services in both metropolitan and rural areas. The diversity of our staff has helped us create a department that is sensitive to cultural differences and attempts to bridge the language barriers with our clients.


Our Mission
DBH, in partnership with our diverse community, is dedicated to providing quality, culturally responsive, behavioral health services to promote wellness, recovery, and resiliency for individuals and families in our community.

About Fresno County
Fresno County may be known for its significant agricultural

contributions to the world but this land of abundant sunshine and

gorgeous scenery is also an emerging metropolitan hub. Home to the

largest city between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area (Fresno)

and one of the fastest growing cities in the state (Clovis), the county has

certainly developed a reputation as a location on the rise. Boasting a

population of nearly 1 million residents, more than 100 different

languages spoken and countless cultures represented, diversity is

certainly a strength and focal point of the region.

According to Census Bureau (2018), there are 994,400 people who reside

in Fresno County, California, of which 11% are Asian (the majority of the

Asian population in Fresno are Hmong) and 0.3% consisted of Native

Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. The highest average

full-time salary belongs to these two groups as well,

which reach up to almost $120,000 per year for the Asians

and $130,000 for the Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders,

with the most common job is miscellaneous managers (Data USA, 2017).

Did you know?
Fresno County, which includes the exact center of the State of California, is comprised of 15 cities


Fresno County is known as the Agricultural Capital of the World producing 350 crops worth approximately $6.8 billion


Fresno County’s largest crop is grapes, with award winning wines now competing with the best in the world


Fresno is the fifth largest city in California with a population over one half million


One of the only places in America with such close proximity to three national parks within a 90 minute drive making it the perfect hub city for National Park Visitors

Visitors can see, taste and experience firsthand fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy, and meat that feeds the world


120 distinct cultures

300 days of sunshine

About Sub Theme
This year's conference theme is Action For Wellness: The Power of Legislation. The focus of statewide conference this year is to bring together mental health professionals, educators, youth, community members, and policy makers to craft ways to increase access to wellness in API communities using legislation to support those efforts. As many students and families are positively impacted by efforts of LEAs, their programs, and partners, and educators will play vital role in this discussion with our API community on how to achieve wellness for such a diverse group, who has different needs, barriers and opportunities.

Pre-Planning Content

In preparation for the APIMHEC 2019, the conference's consultancy firm, Moving Forward Psychological Institute, LLC, compiled a review of Fresno County's mental health needs, and recommended solutions.  

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