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APIMHEC 2018 - Oakland, CA 
Unified in Resilience: Drawing Strength From Our Communities
November 29 - 30, 2018

As Asians and Pacific Islanders, we draw our resilience from our diverse communities. By joining in unity, we are empowered to share not only our stories, but also the research and practices that enable us to better meet the mental health needs of our communities. Together, we celebrate the historical interconnection of Asian & Pacific Islander communities, acknowledging the struggles and successes that impact our mental health today. 

Conference Goals & Learning Objectives: 
Build a knowledge base on programming, and services that are sustainable in Asian  Pacific Islander communities which impact their low utilization rates and quality of care for behavioral health care services. 

Conference Intentions/Purposes: 
Deliver an inclusive cultural and professional enrichment opportunity to empower the services providers and members of Asian & Pacific Islander communities to improve the quality of care and reduce health disparities. 

2018 Conferences Resources 
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