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Peer Support, System Transformation,  & Advocacy

Adrianne Perrine DeSantis is of Korean and European ancestry, and grew up in Saudi Arabia.  Formerly a Paralegal, and a Patients’ Rights Advocate for persons in psychiatric facilities, she has been staff at Alameda County Behavioral Health’s Consumer Empowerment Department for over a decade, since the inception of the Pool of Consumer Champions (“POCC”).  Among her many areas of involvement in the Consumer Empowerment Department, she is the county staff person to the POCC Asian American Committee.  Adrianne is a writer and a devoted grandmother.    

LaMar Mitchell has Japanese, African American, and European ancestry.  He is an independent contractor staff to the Pool of Consumer Champions Asian American Committee in Alameda County.  LaMar recovered from mental health challenges at Napa State Hospital.  He has returned to school and brings an appreciative, enthusiastic spirit to his community. LaMar is a poet, writer, and film buff. He is a supporter of LGBT people and causes. 

Taylor Wong is Chinese American.  He has experienced mental health and substance use challenges, and benefitted from rehab programs. He leads a balanced life, is involved with several programs, and enjoys comedy and playing the guitar. Family and friends are a significant source of support for him.  He is a member of the Pool of Consumer Champions in Alameda County, and facilitates a group through NAMI at a psychiatric hospital.  He hopes to educate people about his experiences and to learn from others.

Trung Hua is Chinese American. He was born and grew up in Da-Nang Vietnam, and immigrated to the U.S. in 1989.  The immigration experience contributed to mental health challenges, and Trung was treated at Napa State Hospital.  He has been a member of the Pool of Consumer Champions and a Chinese NAMI group in Alameda County for four years.  

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